Ultron 28mm F2

The Ultron 28mm/f2 is the replacement model for the popular Ultron 28mm/f1.9 Thread Mount. Though the new lens is slightly slower, it’s  smaller in size and handles beautifully on the rangefinder body.

With the 10 lens elements in 8 groups and 10 aperture blades, the Ultron gives a viewing picture angle of 75 degrees in 35mm format, it’s perfect for indoor wide angle shot and a general walk about lens on the Bessa & Leica bodies.

With the large aperture, the 28mm gives a very pleasing and smooth bokeh when shot wide open, which is normally difficult to achieve on wide angle lenses.

28mmf2_BessaR4Ax650 M6_R4A_28mmx650

Focal Length 28mm
Aperture Ratio 1:2
Smallest Aperture F22
Lens Construction 8 groups 10 elements
Picture Angle 75 degree
Aperture Blades 10 pieces
Nearest Focusing Distance 0.7m
Diameter x Length φ55mm x 51.2mm
Weigth 244g
Filter Size φ 46mm
Mount M Mount

Sample pictures taken with the Ultron 28mm/f2 with Bessa R4A on Lucky film
CHIJMSx650 temple_candlex650 sample-28mmf2-bx650 churchx650