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Three Years Three Months and Three Boys Later…..

Film is not dead. In fact it is very much alive and kicking…. kicking harder!

Somehow the introduction of M9 introduced more people to film. Leica lenses prices are traded at all time high. Even if you have USD10K to spare, you still have to join a waiting queue of “God Knows How Long Time” for the M9 or the 0.95 Noctilux.

The Lehman Brothers Collapse and the Financial Tsunami don’t seem to have an impact on the photography world.

I’m not complaining. It’s a good thing for the camera & photographic equipment traders like us.

After operating from home and meeting customers everywhere and anytime on the island, I finally moved the business out from my home to a proper shop downtown. Circumstances forced me into it. With the new addition to the family, I no longer have the luxury of having a study room at my house anymore. Well, that’s really a good problem on hindsight….

Moving forward… I will still continue to serve the photography community, bringing in more interesting and exciting stuff for photographers to “play”.

And before I end this short update, I want to thank everyone of you who have made this company successful in the part 3+ years… Without you, Chiif Cameras could never have weathered through this storm….

Thank you.

– Chiif
18 January 2010

After One Year …..

2007 was a pretty eventful year for me. Firstly, Chiif Cameras turned 1 on 23 October 2007, secondly, my second boy arrived on this planet earth. It is nice to know that there are more and more interests in the Range Finder Cameras. Maybe it was due to the M8, that was introduced in 2006 that captured the SLR photographers attention. And some how, more and more leisure digital photographers are turning back to film.

Personally, I still feel that digital technology has not caught up with film. Maybe it has, but not to level of delivering to the mass market yet. Scanning film though takes a longer time, it yields much better quality files than pictures produced from the digital SLR.

Moving ahead, I believe the film enthusiasts population will continue to grow. With eBay, PayPal, EMS & DHL, the world has become flatter and people can now purchase gears from the other side of the globe at different time zone with different currencies. Those mechanical cameras stored in the old grand father’s closets will start to see light again.

Will film disappear next year? Well, at least not in Singapore. Film prices are still pretty reasonable here. Consumer grade Fuji Superia 400 costs SGD3.40 per roll in box of 3 and Tri-X cost SGD4.70 at the friendly photographic supplies store in Pennisular Shopping Centre.

Well, for Chiif Cameras, 2008 will be an exciting year, watch out for more products on the shelves! It is my commitment to offer my customers quality products at the most reasonable price.

– Chiif
8 December 2007

Why 35mm RangeFinders?

Guess people who come to this web site are film shooters. Even if I start a 35mm-Digital war, we will win! RIGHT? *hee hee*
Photos taken from digital cameras are just different. After all these years, sensors get better, processors get faster, BUT pictures don’t get better…. That’s pretty sad. Being in the IT field for the past 14 years made me appreciate analog things better. Not everything digitized will turn out to be better. Vinyl records do sound better than CDs even till today. And talk about MP3…. they are just noise…

ANYWAY, like it or not…. we will lose the battle. Digital will rule the world. That will leave a few 35mm film shooters like you and me creating the mona lisa art pieces for the museums 200 years later. And our equipment, the Bessa L, R, T, R2, R2A, R3A, R2M, R3M, Nokton, Ultrons, Color-Skopar, Apo-Lanthar, Wide-Heliars will worth more than Eric Clapton’s guitar. So…. START STOCKING UP NOW!

The reason why I decided to be a Voigtlander dealer is because I couldn’t find one in Singapore and in the 3000km radius. It’s sad that such good product get left out by people. Well, the good thing is, I can be the Voigtlander dealer!

My goal is to bring in quality and affordable cameras and lenses for the 35mm photographers and to be able to service you, my customers, so that you WILL stay faithful to 35mm.

So, for now… Forget the megapixels. Start shooting with KODAK, FUJI & ILFORD…
And Start Buying Voigtlander…

About myself :-
Image Born in the year of pig, started interest in photography at the age of 14. First camera that I got hold of was my dad’s FE2 with the 35/105mm zoom. Still have it today and still in perfect working condition. Then my dad bought a Leica M6 some years later…. And I inherited it naturally since he no longer interested in taking photos any more.

As the saying goes.. You never actually own a Leica. You just take care of it for the next generation.

And to the Voigtlander 35mm photographers… You never actually own a Bessa. You just take care of it for the next generation.

About my career:-
Trained as an IT professional. Worked in an MNC for good 8 years, came out and started a IT software and services company and ran it for another 3. Part time doing network marketing, MLM for 2 years selling soap powder and water treatment system (guess you know which company is that). After more than 11 years working, found that IT is not something I really like to do. My real passion is of cos, Photography and Business. Wink

Married with two boys , these days I prefer spending time with them when I am not working.

My hobby:-
Photography and Travel. And of cos, skiing and diving (something I haven’t done for a long time). One place I must go before I leave this world is Afghanistan, the place where trade, arts, culture and religion flourish a few thousand years ago.

Chii Fei a.k.a chiif
25 November 2006