B&W Film Developing Service


Chiif Cameras is glad to announce:

We are now providing B&W Film Processing & Scanning Services!

Just drop your exposed B&W film at Chiif Cameras and we will develop, scan & upload the scanned images to Dropbox and you can retrieve the files at your own convenience. You can choose to collect the negatives at a later date or request them to be snail mailed back to you (delivery charges apply).

No more waiting 5 days for your B&W film to be developed, turn around time for Chiif B&W Processing is only ONE day!* Yes, 1 day (for 35mm film only).

So HURRY NOW! Load up your precious Film Camera with TRI-X, T-MAX, Delta, PanF, Neopan….

Processing Menu
1. B&W Developing Only (35mm / 120 / XPan) – S$8 / roll

2. B&W Developing & Scanning (35mm) – S$18 / roll
Pakon Scan
(Resolution ~ 3000×2000 pixel / TIFF ~18MB file)

3. B&W Developing & Scanning (120 / XPAN)
V700 Scan
a. (Resolution ~ 2400 ppi) – S$18 / roll

4. Scanning Services Only (35mm Negatives) – S$12 / roll
Pakon Scan
(Resolution ~ 3000×2000 pixel. Request negative not to be cut.)

5. Scanning Services Only (120 / XPan / 35mm Slides)
V700 Scan
(Resolution ~ 3200 ppi) – S$14 / roll


– Due to the inherent nature of film, some scratches and dust particles could not be removed during scanning process. We will do our best to achieve the best scan result as far as possible.
* For 120 & XPan Developing/Scanning turn around time min 2 days.