Nokton 58mm F1.4 SL-II N


The Nokton 58mm/f1.4 SL-II (AiS) is the revised version of Cosina’s 2003 limited edition 58/1.4 Topcor. The initial release of 1600 pieces were quickly snapped up and now it’s highly sort after collector’s piece. The new SL-II lens has built in CPU matrix metering chip which enable all Nikon Digital SLR cameras to meter with this lens.

The 58mm focal length becomes 85mm on the cropped sensors, which makes the Nokton a perfect portrait lens on the digital body. With the full frame sensor digital bodies, the 58mm is a good general purpose versatile focal length.

With it’s superb image quality, it surpasses lenses priced 2 to 3 times itself. A truely value for money fast lens.


Focal Length 58mm
Aperture Ratio 1:1.4
Smallest Aperture f16
Lens Construction 6 Groups 7 Elements
Picture Angle 40 degrees
Aperture Blades 9
Nearest focusing distance 0.45m
Macro Ratio 1:5.8
Diameter φ64.4mm
Filter Size φ58mm
Length 47.5mm
Weigth 320g
Mount Nikon F-Mount Ai-S (CPU integrated)
Optional Accessory hood (LH-58)

Taken wide open f1.4 on Nikon D300